Designing a scalable reporting system for a safe Wikipedia.

I joined the Trust and Safety Tools team in July of 2022 to lead design for the incident reporting system, which would be a complex, multi-year project.

The team

Trust and Safety Tools is the technical arm for the Trust and Safety department at Wikimedia. We design and build products, features, and tools that help the Wikipedia community enforce Trust and Safety policy that keep the community safe and the platform compliant with legal requirements.

The PM, tech lead, and I work cross-functionally with Trust and Safety to understand their priorities and propose tooling that meets the safety needs they identify.

Our objectives

  1. Build an MVP that allows editors to report harassment to Administrators
  2. Release and test on two pilot wikis
  3. Connects to current systems

Long term vision


Our approach

Why do we need the Incident Reporting System?

Understanding the problem space