<aside> 🌱 Hello! Welcome to my digital garden, a cyclical space where I nurture ideas. I’m Aishwarya, a Senior UX designer for Trust and Safety Tools at the Wikimedia Foundation. I was formerly on the Abstract Wikipedia team leading design for Wikifunctions.


🥬 Digital gardening?

A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral

<aside> 🎨 My design practice is open, equity-centered, and iterative. I look at problems through a systems lens and tell stories as I solve and create.


<aside> 🌱 Who is to know what is to come. The only certainty is adventure!


🖌️ Design

10-week course on Responsible Technology 2023

Feminist product work 2022-2023

Config 2023

💪🏾 Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety Guide for Product People

Product’s Relationship with Trust and Safety

⌨️ Writing

We designers are storytellers and researchers. I believe I do both best through writing, but to me writing is itself the joy. My writing practice is meditate and iterative, and I love crafting the perfect sentence. I tinker, over and over until the language simmers with emotion.


Building Equitable and Ethical Technology

Stop building products, start building systems

Alternatives to proprietary (i.e. capitalist) technology