👋🏾 Hi, I’m Aishwarya Vardhana; a full stack product designer with a specialization in Trust and Safety and machine learning. I care deeply about building ethical, inclusive, and responsible technology, and I’ve designed multiple 0-1 products over the last 8+ years. My strengths are in crafting narratives around the human experience within the products I design, prioritizing user needs throughout the product design journey, and stewarding collaboration across teams. Our digital ecosystem is teeming with products so my intention is to design experiences that are unique in their simplicity, humility, and thoughtfulness. In my free time I mentor junior designers and write a newsletter on the emotions behind technology.

Deep dive

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⚙️ Automoderator (2023-current)

An AI-powered tool for Wikipedia editors to detect and remove vandalism from Wikipedia articles.

⚠️  This project will be added to my portfolio soon

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🛑 Multiblock (2023-current)

A tool for Wikipedia administrators to issue multiple blocks against problematic accounts.

⚠️  This project will be added to my portfolio soon


Incident Reporting System, 2022-2023

A reporting system for Wikipedia’s 8 million+ volunteers to report incidents of harassment, hate speech, illegal content, and other problematic behavior.

⚠️ Updates are being made to this project

🎉 My project — Wikifunctions — launched in September 2023. Wikifunctions is now part of the Wikimedia ecosystem (which includes Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, & more). It is currently in the top 10% of most active Wikimedia projects.


Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), 2021-2022

Designing the fundamental user experience for Wikifunctions, an open source and multilingual platform for writing code.

Workflows for Wikifunctions, 2022

Designing an intuitive workflow for junior developers and non-technical Wikimedians to easily contribute to Wikifunctions.